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Building the Mindset and the Economy your Company needs. Happy to assist you with Neuroscience Know-How and entrepreneurial Experience in your daily business

Change Consulting

We are supporting companies in complexe change and transformation projects – we focus, make change happen and implement innovative, easy to use, change tracking solutions for sustainable success.


We have combined the best out of two worlds – Neuroscience and Marketing – to enable your company to reach your focus target groups, to activate your clients and to motivate and empower your employees.

Mindset Building

We have developed a brain friendly modular Mindset Building Program to unlock your employees brainpower, creativity and push innovation. We believe in tiny changes and remarkable results.

Future of Work Products

We are creating products and solutions, supporting companies to manage the daily challenges – today and tomorrow. We make sure you focus on the most needed for the future of work, workforce and workplace

AI-based Learning & Training

Based on +20 years experience in building internationally market-leading Learning Technology Solutions, we are supporting you and your company make learning work: for children, teenager, adults and organizations.

Management Mentoring & Coaching

The Magic happens outside your comfort zone. We support you with our brain friendly Leadership Program or via individually customized mentoring and coaching sessions.

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Strategic Minds, Proven Results.

We are a small brain friendly agency located in Bavaria, with +17 years working experience in London, Seattle, New York, Los Angeles, Guayaquil, Istanbul, Dubai, Vienna etc. – focussing on your vision and your success: one Consulting Project at a time.
We’ve won several awards in EdTech, Product Innovation and Design.

Dr. Michaela Meier


years experience in building and scaling innovative Learning Solutions


different countries and cultures


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Let’s Talk About Your Strategy

We help you to develop your strategy, break it down and put it into praxis. You are planning to roll-out your product line into new markets? You are restructuring your company? Selling a part of? Have acquired a competitor?… Happy to support you.

Let’s Talk About Your Idea

You have an amazing, absolutely game changing idea? You want to revolutionize the learning or new work market? All you need is a team and experience to set-up the startup, to build the first product and realize the Go-2-Market phase? Let´s talk.

Let’s Talk About Your Content

You have and you realize, you do not reach your target group anymore? Your clients to not react the way you have planned? Your words have no significant impact on your employees? We help you with Neuro-Communication Templates and Principles. Let´s discuss.